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The business of a banker, banking involves an establishment for the loaning, holding, exchanging, or issuing of money. Also deals with the transmission of funds and the extensions of credit.

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Banking > Initial public offering

state bank

Banking; Initial public offering

A financial institution that has been chartered by a state to provide commercial banking. A state bank is not the same as a central or reserve bank because those banks are ...

filing range

Banking; Initial public offering

The price range that the underwriter and issuer of the IPO have agreed upon as the tentative minimum and maximum levels the stock will be priced at. This can easily be modified ...

final prospectus

Banking; Initial public offering

The last prospectus to be printed which is after the deal has been officially priced and issued to the public. It contains the final missing pieces to the registration puzzle, ...

firm committment

Banking; Initial public offering

An underwriting that has the committment of the underwriter group to distribute all the shares issued as a result of the new issuance of stock. This is the top eschelon of ...


Banking; Initial public offering

A trader in the market who is in and out of stocks usually in a matter of days or in the case of new issues maybe a matter of minutes.


Banking; Initial public offering

The number of shares of a company that are available for trading by the public. It does not include those shares that are closely held by officers, directors and other so-called ...

global shares

Banking; Initial public offering

The shares that are part of an offering going directly to international investors. This is usually done with the larger deals and underwriters.