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An strong emotional affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection.

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alpha male

Love; Dating

A big, strong and attractive guy that has everything going for him. Women want to be with him and guys want to be him.

friend zone

Love; Dating

The "friend zone" is a situation when the girl you like talks to you just like she talks to her other friends. She does not see you as a boyfriend but just as a friend. It's hard ...

drama queen

Love; Dating

A woman who often needs drama in her life such as gossiping about everything and turning every situation into a fight.

opportunity knocking

Love; Dating

A situation when a girl is vulnerable and you make your move to become more than just a friend. The girl needs someone around and you are there for her. This is a great time to ...

bitch shield

Love; Dating

When you try to talk to a woman as a potential date and she acts like a bitch. This is probably just the bitch shield the woman puts up to get guys to leave her alone. The woman ...

daddy cravings

Love; Dating

This refers to a girl that did not have a good father in her life. This type of girl wants you to act like her dad and let her know when she is doing something wrong. They crave ...

out of pocket

Love; Dating

Being out of touch with accepted social practice or reality in a dating situation. For example, going to a date at the opera in shorts and t-shirt.