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Any business that provides its subscribers with a wide variety of data transmitted over telecommunications lines, an infrastructure in which they can communicate with one another as well as the means to connect with an almost unlimited number of third-party information providers.

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Internet; Virtual life

Catherine "Catie" Wayne (born April 28, 1992), better known as the character Boxxy, is an American Internet celebrity known for her highly energetic vlogs.Her rise in popularity ...

virtual property inheritance

Internet; Virtual life

As maintaining an online life becomes more and more mainstream, people have a need to pass down their virtual belongings such as online identities, chats, posts, photos and even ...


Internet; Virtual life

Criatura estranha. Na internet, pode significar "spam", alguém enviar falsas mensagens tentando obter informações particulares de outra pessoa.


Internet; Virtual life

Cyberslacking refers to staff who use their work internet access for personal reasons while maintaining the appearance of working.


Internet; Virtual life

A slightly derogatory online term meaning the real world, where beings made of meat live. The opposite is cyberspace. It was created around the early 90s by the hacker community ...


Internet; Virtual life

A webholic is a person who is addicted to virtual world. The term generally implies that the person simply feel compelled to do it.


Internet; Virtual life

A cyberholic is a person who is addicted to the cyber world. The term may imply that they simply feel compelled to be online all the time for one reason or another.