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Related to any programme that is broadcast on television.

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TV shows; Drama

A single strand of hair that sticks out of a character's head. It literally means "stupid hair" and usually indicates that the character is stupid. However, there are exceptions ...


TV shows; Drama

A Japanese style of motion picture animation, yet is more commonly used by Westerners to refer to animation produced exclusively in Japan. Otherwise, the term refers to all ...

Anime music video

TV shows; Drama

Often abbreviated AMV, video clips from at least one anime series arranged to fit a musical piece playing in the background.


TV shows; Drama

Literally, "anime parody"—anime characters being used by fans in a parodic way.


TV shows; Drama

Is a genre of pornographic media focusing on the depiction of women with large breasts.[4] The word can be literally translated to "exploding breasts".[5] Bakunyū is a sub-genre ...


TV shows; Drama

"Beautiful boy"—Japanese aesthetic concept of the ideally beautiful young man. Androgynous, effeminate or gender ambiguous. In Japan it refers to youth with such characteristics, ...


TV shows; Drama

Character with cat ears and a cat tail, but an otherwise human body. These characters often have feline habits, claw-like nails, and occasionally show fangs. Emotional expressions ...